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I'm the Business Director for GameOn 2012. Among other things, I'm responsible for content innovation at www.gameon2012.com. I'm sarcastic, alternative-minded, and opinionated. I'm always looking for new ideas and better ways to do things! I'd love to hear your feedback!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Suddenly Summertime

Today kicks off Memorial Day Weekend, and the unofficial start of summer. Can it really be summer already? Here in New England, we still had snow on the ground just a couple of weeks ago, so I’m very happy to see the sun shining and the temperatures climbing!

What are you planning for the long weekend? I’m staying home and relaxing, and that seems to be a popular choice this year. With gas prices sky-high again, most folks aren’t travelling too far, choosing to BBQ with the neighbors or camp at the lake rather than take a major trip. Of course, if you’re missing Mom or Uncle Dave, you can still see them for free! GameOn now features Video Chat, so you can connect with your friends and family across the country or across the world!

Memorial Day also marks the last few days for you to enter the May GameOn Giveaway, and the chance to win a Jerry Garcia tie! (I know you didn’t buy that Father’s Day gift yet, so this is a great chance to get Dad a very nice, very FREE present!)
And by the way, all GameOn members are automatically entered into the Giveaway every month, so if you don’t win the May prize, maybe you’d like the June one . . . a diamond ring! Yep, I’m serious: the June GameOn Giveaway prize is a DIAMOND RING! Give it to your girlfriend, give it to your mom, keep it for yourself!  All you have to do to enter is set up a free user profile at http://www.gameon2012.com.

On a more serious note: Whatever we’re all doing to enjoy the long weekend, we should really take a moment to remember what this holiday is all about. Memorial Day is meant to honor the brave men and women who have fallen in service to our country. I know for most of us, the long weekend has come to be celebrated with picnics, parties and vacations, but it started with a very noble purpose. On Monday, May 30th, please take time to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well I'm back from vacation and ready to get back to work! GameOn is now officially gearing up for a summer full of major promotions. Expect to see us at your local craft fairs, game shops, in newspapers, on ezines, and hopefully, on Technorati!

Keep your eyes peeled and remember to check back here or on http://www.gameon2012.com for updates on our giveaways and special offers!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Facelifts and Freebies

Spring has finally sprung! OK, we did get 1" of snow the other day here in New England, but Easter brought a beautiful day and lots of sunshine, so I can't complain.

With the new flower buds came a new look for the GameOn site! We gave ourselves a complete makeover, and we look gooooood! New color scheme, new layout, and lots of new things on the website. We have a front page live-stream of all your status updates, we have opinion polls, live video chats, and conversation forums for all kinds of topics from Single Parenting to Politics. If you haven't stopped by the site recently, come check it out here!

Our first-ever GameOn Giveaway was held at the end of March, and it went great! Congratulations to our March winner, Jean from Broadalbin, NY, who won a Starbucks gift card! Our April Giveaway will be held on Saturday, April 30th . . . have you entered yet? All you have to do is set up a FREE profile at http://www.gameon2012.com to qualify!

Speaking of freebies . . . if you own a shop or an online business, or if you have crafts or homemade products to sell, GameOn is now offering a limited number of FREE online storefronts! If you're interested, set up a free user profile at the GameOn site and email me here with the code BLOG in the subject. Best to do it soon, as this offer is only available for a limited time.

I hope you're all enjoying the beginning of Spring, and if you come by the GameOn website, stop by my guestbook and say Hi!